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How to Apply Canada Permanent Resident Visa

There’s no place on earth other than Canada that can offer you serenity and lushness of wealth along with a quality of life that is unparalleled around the globe all in one roof. Renowned for its friendly approach to foreign nationals, Canada is a promising country if you’re planning to go for a Canada PR visa. Reflecting on its European origin and multicultural heritage you have the freedom to live anywhere safely.

Canada immigration is a trip worth a lifetime, why? We’ll tell you. From the majestic mountains to the rough coastlines to the ethereal rainforests, Canada is the new age paradise for the future generation. Having a Canadian visa grants you the privilege of living your dreams in one of the fastest growing and technologically advanced nations in the world. As a Canada PR visa, one can reside in anywhere in the ten provinces and three territories that constitute Canada. These provinces and territories are further clustered into five regions:

Atlantic Provinces

• New Brunswick

• Newfoundland and Labrador

• Nova Scotia

• Prince Edward Island

Central Canada

• Quebec

• Ontario

Prairies Provinces

• Alberta

• Manitoba

• Saskatchewan

West Coast

• British Columbia

The North

• Northwest Territories

• Nunavut

• Yukon

Who is a Permanent Resident of Canada?

Permanent resident Canada or Canada PR is a status granted to eligible individuals to live, study, work, and do business anywhere in Canada. Despite not being the country’s citizens, these individuals have no restriction to stay in Canada for an indefinite time. As a Canada PR visa holder you are obliged to do business or invest anywhere in Canada, also you don’t need a work permit to work in Canada any employer can give you employment. This is why the Canadian govt. has laid forth certain distinguished Canada immigration pathways for skilled and high net-worth individuals.

While a Canada PR Visa holder enjoys certain rights in Canada, they’re still citizens of their home country. Frankly, they have all the rights of a Canadian citizen except for voting in elections and owning a Canadian passport. However to maintain one’s status as a permanent resident, the individual must stay in the country for 2 years out of 5 years.

What are the different pathways for one to become a Permanent Resident of Canada?

Canada has become an immigrant paradise due to its flourishing economy, natural resources, and unmatched Medicare systems, with a blend of balance between consistent growth and social integrity. To enjoy these unprecedented benefits it is vital that you become eligible for a Canada PR.

Thus, with the introduction of the point-based immigration system moving to Canada has now become much easier. At present, I.I.T.M offers services for Canada PR visa under the following immigration pathways:

Express Entry Program – It is the most sought-after visa category for Canada immigration which is based on a comprehensive ranking tool. Under this stream your application for permanent resident Canada becomes much simplistic.

Provincial Nomination Program – If you wish to migrate to Canada in a territory of your choosing then this visa category is just suited for you. It’s a fast-track application process where each governing body of the provinces & territories rightly nominates an individual based on their requirements.

Entrepreneur Program – Take your business to new heights and give it an international platform all while having a Canada PR status. If you want to establish a new business or acquire an existing one in Canada, then this is the right program for you.

Quebec Immigration Program – If you’re a native French speaker then apply through this program to gain Quebec Government’s attention for your application to be picked for Canada PR.

Benefits of Having Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Canada is a country that is craved by multinationals, foreign nationals, and investors for its profound quality of life and abundant natural resources. Having a bucket load of benefits there’s no denying why Canada PR is one of the most sought-after immigration pathways in the world.

Here’s why Canada immigration is preferred worldwide –

→ World-class healthcare benefits and improved infrastructure.

→ High quality of living.

→ Lower crime rates.

→ Government funded free education-system.

→ Abundant employment options.

→ Promising opportunities to do business, investment and employment in flourishing domains of Aerospace, IT, Tourism, Real estate, Hospitality, infrastructure and manufacturing.

The Process for Getting Canadian Permanent Resident Visa

1. Having your education credentials certified by WES (World Education Services).

2. Submitting Language Ability Report from IELTS.

3. Creating Express Entry.

4. Assessing your CRS Score and if required working towards improving it.

5. Apply for Provincial Nomination Programs.

6. Keep a close watch on the recurring Express Entry draws results.

7. Receive invitation to apply / Nomination Certificate.

8. Keeping documents ready for your Canada visa application.

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