Alberta PNP

Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

Canada immigration is incomplete without the lake province, Alberta’s contribution to the economic flourishment of Canada. It is a crown jewel desired and labeled by foreign nationals as an ideal place to live, work, invest, study, and visit. Located towards the west of Canada, Alberta has one of the fastest-growing economies owing much to its oil and gas supplies to the world. Its breath-taking landscapes and world-class hospitality have given the world a memorable experience to enjoy Canada’s spectacular multi-cultural existence.

Being culturally diverse the economic prosperity of Alberta is unmatched by any other province in Canada which is why each year hundreds of skilled applicants are nominated by both the Alberta Government and federal Government. Be part of a strong economy with safe communities by applying for Canada immigration under the Alberta provincial nominee program.

What are the Benefits of moving to Canada Under AINP?

As an aspirant moving to Canada, Alberta offers the following benefits as you become part of the province’s heart-warming community.

• High yielding employment gains with abundant scope for job opportunities.

• Low cost of living.

• An ultrafast growing economy with vibrant opportunities for industrial development.

• Excellent healthcare systems.

• World-class educational programs.

What is AINP?

AINP is Alberta provincial nominee program through which this pristine province invites you to come and become a part of a community that is shaped by immigrants from the diverse cultural background. Through this program, prospective immigrants with the right skills and experience as required by the province are granted with a once in a lifetime opportunity for Canada PR.

Since AINP is operated by both the Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada’s citizenship and immigration Canada (CIC), the nominated individuals along with their dependants can vouch for Canadian permanent residency as a provincial nominee of AINP. That being said having Alberta’s provincial nominee certificate speeds up the processing of your application in federal admissibility.

How do I immigrate to Canada through AINP?

Being rich in natural beauty and resources, aspiring immigrants can migrate to Alberta through the following AINP streams:

Alberta Opportunity Stream: Through this stream aspiring immigrants currently residing and working in Alberta with a valid offer letter is eligible to apply for an AINP provincial nomination.

Alberta Express Entry Stream: Eligible immigrants who are registered in Canada express entry may be nominated by theAlberta Governmentto apply for permanent residence. A nominated individual may receive additional 600 points in the Comprehensive Ranking System.

Self-Employed Farmer Stream: if you have prior experience in farming and sufficient financial support to buy or start a farming business in Alberta can apply for Canada PR under this stream.

Alberta Foreign Graduate Start-Up Visa Stream: Foreign graduates who have completed their degree from a post-secondary institution that is based outside Canada and desire to start their business venture in Alberta may apply for PR.

What is the processing time for applications under AINP?

There is no estimated processing time for applications lodged under the Alberta provincial nominee program. They may change depending upon the volume of applications received or are completely dependent upon the processing authority. But based on our years of experience in the industry an application submitted under the working class may take 6 – 12 months and 9 – 15 months for business class.

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