Rural & Northen Immigration pilot Program (RNIP)

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

Like all the other Canada immigration pathways, the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program invites application from the skilled workforce to fill Canada’s degenerative employment gap. With new immigration pathways building momentum Canada aims to put a talented workforce at every corner of the country’s budding economy. If you’re skilled and aspire to have a peaceful life abroad then which place better than Canada? So, hurry and get your skills assessed by one of our Canada immigration today for your only chance to apply for Canadian permanent residence.


Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

The provincial communities have agreed in conjunction with working with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to form the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program to benefit the communities through this project. There are a total of 11 communities participating in the pilot program, out of which only 10 are currently active; the Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan is expected to come online soon. This pilot program is personalized to meet the shortage of skilled workforce in highly demanded occupation with a focus on developing the economy of the community, thus, fulfilling the country’s economic goals at large.

Being governed by the community, RNIP caters to give out economic immigration benefits to smaller Canadian communities by creating a path for skilled individuals to live and settle in one of the participating communities and eventually applying for Canadian permanent residence.

The RNIP program is community-driven meaning that it is the end decision of the community whether to grant you permission to immigrate to Canada or not. However, for you to be selected under the RNIPimmigration program, the participating communities must:

• Nominate a candidate/candidates who:

1. Qualify as a driving force to the growing economy of the community.

2. Has a valid offer of employment that meets the ongoing requirements of the community.

3. Proves that they have genuine intention to stay in the community permanently.

• After making the nomination for the best candidate, the community would recommend IRCC to give the final verdict for the Canada PR visa of applying candidature.

• Once the IRCC approves, the governing community then reaches out to the candidate to inform them about settlement services and mentoring them to provide ease in migrating to Canada.

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot — Participating Communities

With the COVID-19 pandemic hampering worldwide travel, some of the participating communities have raised a concern about limiting the no. of candidates to be admitted to the region. However, the communities are still inviting applications through RNIP.Below are the currently active communities that are accepting applications through the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program.

1. Claresholm, Alberta

2. West Kootenay Region, British Columbia

3. Vernon, British Columbia

4. Altona/Rhineland, Manitoba

5. Brandon, Manitoba

6. North Bay, Ontario

7. Sault Ste-Marie, Ontario

8. Sudbury, Ontario

9. Thunder Bay, Ontario

10. Timmons, Ontario


How to Immigrate under the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

If you’re a skilled applicant who has always dreamt of immigrating to Canada from India, then you can accomplish your goals through the newly found Canada immigration pathway i.e. the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program. To be eligible for RINP, you must satisfy the requirements for the Canada federal government as well as the governing body of the participating communities.

Though the requirement for each of the participating communities (which is available on their respective websites) is different, you must meet the following federal eligibility criteria to qualify for RNIP.

• Completed a minimum of two years of full-time post-graduate education from an institute/college, or, minimum of one year of full-time work experience in one of the participating communities

• Must have a valid job offer from an employer in one of the participating communities. However, to be considered eligible for nominations the job offer must be:

o Full-time, seasonal and non-seasonal

o Meeting the minimum wage requirements for the applied NOC (National Occupational Classification) skill-set

o Matching to your previous experience

o For the position in NOC Skill Level 0, A, or B

• Demonstrate proficiency in English and/or French

• Proven Canadian educational equivalence through an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report issued by a designated organization by IRCC

• The applicant must convince the participating community with a commitment to Live and Work, and permanently settle in the desired community

• Show sufficient financial back-up to support themselves as well as all dependent family members

How IIMT Immigration aids you in getting the Canada PR under RNIP

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