Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

How to Apply for the Provincial Nominee Programs

Someone once said that happiness is not buyable, but we say you can buy a ticket to live in Canada, which is pretty much the opposite of the saying. For the same Canada Provincial Nominee Programhas been spreading happiness to millions of aspirants from around the globe.Immigrants nationwide have an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to migrate to Canada and settle down in a province/territory of their choosing.While each of the provinces and territorieshas a separate governing body,all of these PNPs however play a vital role in the upliftment of the Canadian economy.
Canada Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Through the Canada PNP Program, provinces and territories can rightly nominate a skilled professional worker to eventually settling down and explore the greater career verticals in Canada. Some of Canada Provinces have their personalized immigration programs as known asthe Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) with its own distinct set of requirements and processes.

To sustain the required workforce, each of the governing Canadian provinces &territories must enter into an agreement with the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) based on which an applicant is selected by the province to fulfill their requirement. Almost all of the provinces in the nation have opted to have their specific business immigration schemes that are focused to increase the overall workflow of motivated and trained manpower in the province.

Canada’s PNP Programs accommodates prospective immigrantswho file a petition through a specific province/territory in Canada and the designated province has reasonable reasons to nominate these individuals through the Provincial Nomination Program. Quebec has its predetermined selection criteria which makes it an exception as compared to these provincial programs.

Thus, PNP Programs can select or invite an aspirant whose skills and expertise they find suitable for their economy and labor market.

Key Benefits of Canada PNP


Canada Provincial Nominee Program is exclusive designed to positively suit the requirement of the nominating Canadian province or territory to attract individuals who excel in their respective domains. Creating an upsurge in the requirement for labor in the employment market of the nominating province& territory and also granting you the coveted Canada PR visa.

No matter which province grants you the invite;you’ll have the following benefits if you apply under the PNP programs for a Canada PR visa.

• Direct open doors to Canada PR

• Entitled to live in any province of your liking

• Lower CLB requirement i.e. lower IELTS scores.

• Additional 600 Canada immigration points for Express Entry.

• Hassle-free selection procedures from Canada Express Entry Pool.

• Abundant opportunities in Business, Investment,and Employment.

• Access to world-class healthcare facilities and a government-funded free education-system.


How to Apply for Canada PNP Programs?

Applying under the Canada PNP Program could seem tricky depending on the stream you are opting for. There are two ways to obtain a Canada PR; either you have the privilege to directly approach the governing Canada Provinces using the paper-based application process, or by applying to a PNP online through Express Entry.




However, if you directly apply in a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), then:

• You have to apply for nomination under a non-Express Entry stream of the province or territory of your choice.

• Must meet the eligibility requirements for directly applying to a province of your choosing.

• Once nominated, you must apply with a paper-based application to IRCC for Canada PR.

• After applying for permanent residence, you must clear a medical exam and get a police clearance certificate for landing successfully in Canada


• Apply to the Express Entry pool to show the provinces and territories that you’re interested in them.

• Apply to the province or territories of your choosing through their Express Entry stream and wait for their approval.

• Once the province sends you a “notification of interest”, you can lodge an application with required documents to the provincial agency.

• If the provincial govt. decides to nominate you, you’ll receive a nomination letter electronically.

• Update the nomination details in your express entry profile to receive an INVITE

• After receiving the invite, apply for permanent residence with a positive medical and police clearance certificate for successful landing in Canada.

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