Nova Scotia PNP

How to Apply for Nova Scotia Pnp

Nova Scotia is a beautiful province situated on the eastern coast of Canada. The maritime type climate is very pleasant and attract many tourists. Nova Scotia is one of the most popular places in Canada as it offers a quality of life, a natural environment, a low cost of living, etc. And due to favorable factors, many skilled professionals across the globe are applying to Nova Scotia Nominee Program.


Reason for Rejections

Nova Scotia Nominee Program is an immigration program which enables the province of Nova Scotia to nominate qualified and skilled professional for a permanent residence (PR). Foreign workers who have the right skills and desire to work and settle in Nova Scotia can take benefit of this immigrant-friendly program. There are multiple streams through which an applicant can get a nomination under Nova Scotia Nominee Program.


How to apply

Although there are multiple ways through which an applicant can get a nomination but Nova Scotia Demand Express Entry is the most popular and preferred way. Applicants must possess the required skills which should contribute to the economic development of the province. The application process is in online mode and does not require a sponsoring employer.

The applicant must have a profile in the federal Express Entry pool. The selection of a candidate from the federal Express Entry pool is based on the following factors;

• Education

• Work Experience

• Adaptability

• Language Proficiency

• Age

• Arranged Employment in Nova Scotia

There are multiple ways through which an applicant can get a nomination

• Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry – For applicants who have worked in Nova Scotia for one year. The government of Nova Scotia selects skilled professionals from Express Entry System

• Nova Scotia Labor Market Priorities –For applicants who already have a profile in the Express Entry system and can contribute towards the labor needs of the province.

• Skilled Worker Stream – For applicants who have received a letter of employment from an employer in Nova Scotia. Workers involved in the skilled, semi-skilled and low-skilled occupations are eligible.

• Entrepreneur Program – An entrepreneur who is interested in establishing a business in Nova Scotia can apply. An entrepreneur can set up a new business or can buy an existing business in Nova Scotia.

• Physician Stream – General practitioner, specialists, and family physician having an offer letter from an employer in Nova Scotia can apply.

• International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream – International students who have completed their full-time studies from an eligible university in Nova Scotiacan apply. The applicant must have the intent to permanently settle in Nova Scotia.


Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

There are four Atlantic Provinces in Canada and Nova Scotia is one of them. Under this program, skilled workers from around the world are invited to fill a job vacancy if no local talent is available. People living outside of Canada or people living in Canada on a temporary visa can apply under this program. An applicant must have a valid job offer from an employer in Nova Scotia.


Nova Scotia Nominee Program – Eligibility

There are multiple ways under Nova Scotia Nominee Program to get a nomination and each of them has its eligibility criteria. Applicants must check the eligibility criteria in detail. However, there are certain common conditions like;

• Must have at least oneyear of work experience in the relevant field

• Applicant must have experience in the occupation which is in demand.

• Applicant age must be between 18-49

• Must have proficiency in the English language

• Applicant should have the intent to work and settle in Nova Scotia.

• Applicant must receive a Letter of Interest (LOI) from the Nova Scotia Nominee Program within the Express Entry System

• Applicant must meet the minimum work experience requirements of the Express Entry stream for which an applicant has qualified.

• An applicant must demonstrate that he/she will be able to support himself/herself and dependent family.


Points Calculator 2021

Nova Scotia Nominee Program provides an excellent opportunity to the skilled professionals who have the intent to live permanently in Nova Scotia. To get a nomination an applicant must score at least 67 points in the assessment grid. The assessment grids have parameters like age, education, work experience, IELTS score, etc.


Nova Scotia PNP without a job offer?

There are provisions under which applicants who don’t have a job offer can apply. But such applicants must be in an occupation that is in demand in Nova Scotia. Applicant must refer to the list of occupation in-demand.

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