Missed the PGP? Canada’s Super Visa may allow you to reunite with your parents and grandparents


Published on October 6th, 2021 at 08:00am EDT


If your goal is to bring your parents or grandparents to Canada — even temporarily — the Super Visa may be an option for you.

The Super Visa is a document that allows your parents or grandparents to come visit you in Canada for up to two years at a time. If you were to go with the regular Visitor Visa (TRV), or electronic Travel Authorization  (eTA), you would only be allowed to stay for six months at a time.

Also, the Super Visa is valid for 10 years, much longer than most other types of Canadian travel visas. The processing times vary by country, and do not include the time needed to give biometrics.

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Of course, there are certain eligibility and admissibility criteria for the visa. Not just any parent or grandparent of a Canadian can benefit. Before making arrangements to welcome your family to Canada, here are some of the general eligibility requirements of the Super Visa, according to the government website.

How to help your parents or grandparents get the visa

The Super Visa is meant for parents and grandparents of Canadian permanent residents and citizens. To help them get the visa, you will need to write a letter of invitation, and include your permanent residency or citizenship document.

In your letter, you will need to promise to financially support your parents for their entire stay in Canada. You will also need proof that your income meets or exceeds the Low-Income Cut-Off (LICO). For this, you will need a list of all the people in your household, as the LICO is partially determined by family size.

Some of the documents you can use as proof of funds include your Notice of Assessment, T4, or T1 for the most recent tax year, Employment Insurance stubs, an employment letter including salary and date of hiring, pay stubs, and bank statements.

Also, your parents or grandparents will need medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company that is at least $100,000 in coverage. It has to be valid for a minimum of one year from the date of entry. Quotes are not accepted, you need proof that the insurance has been paid.

Your parents or grandparents must apply for the super visa from outside Canada. They must be admissible to Canada and take an immigration medical exam, among other requirements.

When making a decision on your application, the immigration officer is supposed to determine whether or not the nature of your stay is actually temporary. In the government’s words: “You must be a genuine visitor to Canada who will leave by choice at the end.”

They will look at your ties to your home country, the purpose of your visit, your family and finances, as well as the overall economic and political stability of your home country.

Again, this program is only for parents and grandparents. Any dependents they have cannot be included in the application for the Super Visa.

Applications can be done online or at your nearest visa application centre.

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