Manitoba PNP

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

The untouched province of Manitoba along with its plethora of natural wonders makes Canada immigration seem like a dream come true. Manitoba’s surreal existence owes much to its open vast stretch of yellow canola fields, boreal forest, and the arctic tundra is a visual treat to one’s soul. Manitoba along with the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan make up the Canadian Prairies and is located in between Ontario and Saskatchewan, it is a doorway to western Canada.

The province of Manitoba’s contribution to the economic flourishment of Canada is largely based on its natural resources and agriculture. With a grounded population of 1.2 million, Manitoba aims to induct as many as 20,000 skilled individuals flexible to its labor market and broader economic priorities.

What is the Manitoba PNP?

As a major driver of Canada’s wealth, Manitoba actively seeks more skilled applicants to fill its employment gap. If you’re planning to make a living in Canada, then there is no better option other than Manitoba PNP immigration. Known for its high-powered economy, tight-knit communities, availability of abundant natural resources, and a stable labor market, Manitoba knows how to lure foreign talent to the province.

If you wish to make this province your new home, then you must apply to one of its immigration streams to be targeted by the province’s governing authority to receive a provincial certificate to apply for a Canada PR visa.

Based on the province’s specific needs, the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program brings several applications from skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and international students who have the zeal to satisfy its labor shortage through its various immigration streams. These streams are:

• Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream

Eligible temporary foreign workers and international student graduates with authorization to currently reside in Manitoba having been offered full-time permanent employment with their Manitoba employer may apply for Canada PR visa. Individuals applying under this stream are not subject to the points-based assessment.

Manitoba Work Experience Pathway: Under this category applicant currently residing in Manitoba on a temporary work permit, such as temporary workers and foreign graduates of Canadian post-secondary institutions may apply.

Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway:Applicants interviewed outside Canada by an eligible Manitoba employer and have received an invite from MPNP may apply for Canada PR.

• Skilled Worker Overseas Stream

This is a point-based immigration stream where qualified foreign candidates are selected for demonstrating strong ties in Manitoba through friends and family, along with satisfying other criteria to education and work experience may receive an invitation certificate from MPNP. The candidate may also require scoring a minimum of 60 points from five adaptability factors.

Manitoba Express Entry Pathway: Open to candidates in the Canada express entry pool, this pathway focuses on individuals who have strong connections in Manitoba with profound experience in an occupation listed in Manitoba’s In-demand Occupations list.

Human Capital Pathway: Through this pathway, skilled worker who has prior experience in Manitoba’s In-demand Occupations may apply for permanent residence.

• Manitoba Business Investor Stream

Designed for ultra-high-net-worth individuals who wish to expand or acquire a business in Manitoba can apply under this stream. Based on an expression of interest applicants can submit their intent to apply for the program and the qualified will be granted an opportunity to apply for a Canada PR visa.

Farm Investor Pathway: Individuals with prior experience in the farming business and sufficient financial support can apply for PR.

Entrepreneur Pathway: This pathway focuses on business-minded individuals who have the caliber to establish, purchase or co-own a business in Manitoba.

• International Education Stream

A fast-track immigration stream for permanent residence that attracts foreign graduates in Manitoba who meet the industry needs of the province.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Manitoba provincial nominee program?

Though the eligibility criterion for Manitoba provincial nominee program varies with each of its immigration streams, you may see the following general requirements for MPNP:

• For candidates applying under the skilled worker category, must exhibit that they have strong connections in the form of friends, or family in Manitoba to be issued an invitation to apply by the governing authority of Manitoba PNP Immigration.

• The candidate should be aged between 21-45 years.

• Must demonstrate proficiency in English or French in the assessed NOC.

• Must show documented proof of valid full-time work experience in an occupation that falls under the MPNP occupation list in the past five years.

• Must have their education credentials assessed by a recognized assessing body to demonstrate their Canadian equivalence in education and training.

• Prove that you intend to reside and become economically stable in Manitoba.

However, even if you satisfy the above criterion for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program but having no ties in the province can make your application ineligible. It is important that you understand that candidates with strong connections and employability options in the approved occupation list of Manitoba PNP immigration are considered for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program Canada immigration.

What is the in-demand occupations list for Manitoba PNP program?


Business, Finance and Administration
18 – 3512
47 and more…00
Master’s Degree23
Double Bachelors22
Bachelor’s Degree21
2-year Diploma19
1-year Diploma15
High School Completion05


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