Quebec Immigration

Quebec Immigration

Thinking about migrating to Quebec this year? Maybe this is the perfect time to settle permanently in Quebec with your family? With I.I.T.M by your side, your Quebec immigration dreams can spread their wings to soar seamless heights. Canada is two countries within a country, one that is centered on global adaptability and the other that is confined to protecting its core values. Quebec’s coveted immigration system may make you feel like you’re in a dream within a dream. Of course, this is Canada we’re talking about but Quebec as a sovereign province has its distinct preference with regards to language, snow-covered vast wilderness, and cosmo politanism.

Overview: Quebec Immigration

Designed to complement the more entry of French-speaking skilled immigrants to Canada, the Quebec Immigration program has perfected its point-based system to open up pathways for Canadian permanent residence. Foreign nationals who are highly trained and educated in the provinces in-demand occupation have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immigrate to Canada as skilled workers.

What makes Quebec immigration easier could be traced back to the selection criteria of their skill-oriented immigration system which paves way for thousands of applicants whose skills and experience resonate with the province’s employment market.

Through this program, a prospective applicant is shortlisted based on a number of selection factors related to age, education, and work experience, etc. top candidates are then selected for CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate or Certificat de sélection du Québec) which is also known as an invitation certificate to apply for a Canada PR visa.

Though having a job offer can boost your Quebec immigration application but it is not always necessary for you to immigrate to Canada. Applicants who are genuine and have strong ties to the Quebec community are also considered for immigration to Quebec.

Benefits of Canada Immigration

Boasting a healthy economy, Quebec immigration piques the interest of the foreign talent pool with its luxurious-yet-affordable living standards, dominant healthcare, and seamless transportation facilities. As a province that is known to safeguard its people and European ethnicity, the prosperous economy of Quebec offers you the following benefits of settling down in Canada through Quebec immigration.

• Quebec’s safe and secure environment makes it an ideal destination to settle permanently with families.

• With an economy that is boosted by manufacturing and service industries, you can be assured that there with be a higher scope for employment with high-paying jobs.

• Quality living at lower costs with minimal crime rates.

• State-of-the-art infrastructure with government-funded education and Medicare systems.

• Financial assistance and various options for encouraging administrative programs that are focused on new business development.


Documents required for Quebec Immigration

If you pay attention then the process for Quebec immigration may not be that complicated. However, to always be on the safe side we recommend that you take the help of a certified Quebec immigration counselor while submitting your application for the Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration Program.

Documents needed for completing the procedures are as follows:

• Passport copies (front and back) for a self, spouse, and any dependent child.

• Identity Documents, such as voter ID, PAN, Birth certificate, and marriage certificate (if married), etc.

• Notary attested Experience letters (such as offer/appointment Letter, Promotion Letter, Experience/Relieving Letter, Reference Letter, and Salary Slips).

• Language proficiency scoresheet/report.

• Character/Police Clearance Certificate.

• Documented detail of proof of funds for the stay in Quebec.


Quebec Immigration Processing time

No one can predict the time taken for processing applications for Canada PR through Quebec immigration. The mechanism for processing is however exhibited in 2-phases, where the first one is further divided into 3-sub-stages:

• Verification of documents

• Preliminary review

• Selection review

The final phase entails visa stamping after carefully assessing your background via Police Clearance Certificate and Medicals Report.

All in all, the average time for your application to be processed can be estimated to 12 – 15 months.

Why choose I.I.T.M for your Quebec immigration program?

As one of the recognized leading Canadian immigration consultants, we provide unparalleled consultancy support to professionals from all walks of life. Our expertise with the Quebec Skilled Worker Immigration Program has helped aspiring immigrants and budding entrepreneurs to realize their Canadian dream. We’re uniquely positioned in the industry with our presence in Canada, to assist you firmly and advise you correctly on several Canadian immigration programs.

Through our established network of licensed professionals, we help to materialize your dream immigration to Canada from India, through our ability to locate suitable pathways that lead you towards Canada. You can undoubtedly rely on our 15 years of combined industry experience recognized by the Canadian legal community to complete your immigration requirements.

For more information and immigration updates on Quebec immigration, you can write to us at or call us on +(91) 783 838 0097 We at I.I.T.M are dedicated to responding to all of your immigration-related queries.

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